This Week’s Menu


Beef Bolognese, Zucchini Noodles, Mashed Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, & Baby Broccoli, Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese, and fresh Basil

Reg 525cal- 40g Carb/ 20g Fat/ 43g Prot / Lrg- 829cal- 62g Carb/ 32g Fat/ 68g Prot 

Organic Chicken skewers, Sweet Potatoes, Mixed Salad, home-made Garlic sauce & Avocado   

Reg 451cal- 35g Carb/ 8g Fat/ 48g Prot / Lrg- 685cal- 53g Carb/ 11g Fat/ 76g Prot 


Wild caught Salmon , roasted Potatoes, Salad- Spring Mix, Mandarin, Pomegranate, Almonds, Goat Cheese, Avocado, and home-made Lemon dressing

Reg 447cal- 35g Carb/ 18g Fat/ 36g Prot / Lrg- 630cal- 53g Carb/ 29g Fat/ 57g Prot 

Cilantro Lime organic chicken breast, jasmine rice,  sweet plantains, black beans, mango pico de gallo, and avocado

Reg 423cal- 45g Carb/ 15g Fat/ 48g Prot / Lrg- ñññ702cal- 62g Carb/ 15g Fat/ 76g Prot


Slow cooked pulled Flank steak, roasted Potatoes, home-made creole sauce, Avocado, roasted Cauliflower and  Brussel Sprouts

Reg 541cal- 57g Carb/ 18g Fat/ 39g Prot / Lrg- 760cal- 81g Carb/ 25g Fat/ 54g Prot 

Organic turkey kofte, cilantro brown rice, mixed Greek salad, fresh fetta cheese, and home-made tahini-lime sauce

Reg 411cal- 40g Carb/ 13g Fat/ 33g Prot / Lrg- 631cal- 60g Carb/ 21g Fat/ 52g Prot 


Steak Fajitas, sauteed Bell Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Sweet Potato wedges, Avocado, Cilantro, and home-made Chimichurri sauce

Reg 507cal- 36g Carb/ 27g Fat/ 32g Prot / Lrg- 725cal- 57g Carb/ 33g Fat/ 51g Prot 

Organic Chicken Teriyaki, Sesame Seeds, Asian inspired rice- Carrots, Green Onions, Green Peas, Eggs, and Roasted Broccoli. Gluten Free and Soy Free meal

Reg 490cal- 50g Carb/ 8g Fat/ 52g Prot / Lrg- 755cal- 75g Carb/ 12g Fat/ 82g Prot 


Primavera organic chicken breast, cooked in fresh tomato and basil, home-made pesto quinoa, fresh asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and parmigiano reggiano cheese

Reg 478cal- 37g Carb/ 15g Fat/ 54g Prot / Lrg- 724cal- 56g Carb/ 18g Fat/ 84g Prot

Wild Caught Mahi Mahi Bowl, Brown Rice, Coleslaw Salad, Mango & Pistachios

Reg 368cal- 40g Carb/ 4g Fat/ 43g Prot / Lrg- 528cal- 58g Carb/ 4g Fat/ 61g Prot 


This is the Menu for our OWN iT Meal Plan. If you are subscribed to any other of our meal plans and/or have requested special modifications, you will receive a modified version of these menus.