This Week’s Menu


Organic and free range chicken chilli, slow cooked in Mexican inspired seasoning, topped with fresh cilantro and served along with rice, black beans, fresh pico de gallo, avocado   

Reg 553cal- 51g Carb/ 15g Fat/ 52g Prot / Lrg- 758cal- 64g Carb/ 18g Fat/ 79g Prot 

Slow cooked beef stew, topped with carrots and green peas, served with brown rice, sweet plantains, roasted cauliflower, and avocado

Reg 502cal- 50g Carb/ 15g Fat/ 42g Prot / Lrg- 627cal- 61g Carb/ 16g Fat/ 55g Prot


OWNiT Bowl- Sustainably sourced wild Mahi Mahi, cilantro quinoa, pineapple, sweet plantains, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, topped with queso fresco cheese, and a side of our homemade chipotle mayo

Reg 459cal- 40g Carb/ 18g Fat/ 37g Prot / Lrg- 619cal- 55g Carb/ 20g Fat/ 58g Prot 

Organic and grass fed beef patties, served with roasted herb potatoes, roasted tomato, sweet onions, roasted cauliflower Parmesan and our homemade chipotle sauce

Reg 453cal- 35g Carb/ 22g Fat/ 31g Prot / Lrg- 710cal- 52g Carb/ 35g Fat/ 49g Prot 


Organic and free range chicken fajitas, sauteed with bell peppers and onions, served with a side of yellow rice, avocado, black beans, and our homemade garlic sauce 

Reg 617cal- 58g Carb/ 17g Fat/ 55g Prot / Lrg- 778cal- 67g Carb/ 20g Fat/ 81g Prot 

Organic turkey meatballs, topped with our homemade marinara sauce, parmigiano reggiano, and served with gluten-free garbanzo pasta, sauteed zucchini, baby broccoli, 

Reg 5416cal- 43g Carb/ 13g Fat/ 34g Prot / Lrg- 637cal- 62g Carb/ 20g Fat/ 53g Prot 


Organic grilled chicken, topped with baby bella mushrooms on madeira sauce, served with potato mash, roasted asparagus and fresh parsley

Reg 502cal- 50g Carb/ 15g Fat/ 42g Prot / Lrg- 627cal- 61g Carb/ 16g Fat/ 55g Prot 

Asian-inspired mongolian beef, topped with sesame seeds and green onions, served along with white jasmine rice, and sauteed brussel sprouts and bell peppers, topped with roasted nuts. This meal is gluten and soy free

Reg 490cal- 50g Carb/ 8g Fat/ 52g Prot / Lrg- 755cal- 75g Carb/ 12g Fat/ 82g Prot 


Grilled organic and free range chicken tenders, served with roasted sweet potato wedges, homemade honey mustard and Caesar salad- lettuce, gluten-free croutons, parmigiano reggiano and dressing

Reg 434cal- 34g Carb/ 15g Fat/ 45g Prot / Lrg- 536cal- 46g Carb/ 15g Fat/ 58g Prot 

Sustainably sourced wild caught salmon teriyaki, topped with sesame seeds, white jasmine rice, green onion,  sauteed asparagus, and bell peppers. This meal is gluten and soy free

Reg 442cal- 41g Carb/ 14g Fat/ 36g Prot / Lrg- 591cal- 60g Carb/ 21g Fat/ 51g Prot


This is the Menu for our OWN iT Meal Plan. If you are subscribed to any other of our meal plans and/or have requested special modifications, you will receive a modified version of these menus.